uni wheel in truing stand

Kinda urgent, is there a way to properly true a wheel in a park ts-2.2 truing stand? I had originally thought about resting the isis splines in the fork legs but am no longer sure that’d work.

For reasons I don’t want to get into, I’d like to avoid doing this in my frame and don’t have the kh adapters for the stand so I need to know if anyone has made this work.


Maybe a couple of “live centers” for a lathe, one on each side. The shaft would go into the notch on the stand, and the cone would go into the end of the spindle.

Maybe easier to use a 42mm hole saw in a piece of hardwood, and screw it into each side of the stand. Or even easier, make them into v blocks.

I’m sure you can make these work somehow.

As mentioned from the chinese unicyclists the cheapest truing stand is a unicycle.

  1. To fix the unicycle upside down on the floor, remove the saddle and screw the seat post on a sheet of wood.
  2. Lower the seat post until it scratches the rim and start truing.

Just look at the two pictures.

I just wind the arms in so the bearings sit “inside” the top of them. I might have a pic from building my wheel yesterday using a stand that’s very similar…

EDIT: Nope, deleted it off my phone

So do you put the arms between the bearings and the flanges of the hub?

What about hacking the ends off of a cheap uni frame, crushing the tubes in a vise, drilling and mounting to the TS2?

Or, if you have some bearing caps left over from installing a couple of D-Brakes you can screw those to a piece of wood, and mount that to the TS2.

This will work. Thanks!