Uni wheel as an ultimate wheel?

hey guys, is it possible to take the wheel off a unicycle and ride that around as an ultiamte wheel? is it ridable? has anybody tried this?

i havent done it but i have seen it done ppl just detach the frame and put wood over the spokes (dunno y)
but i have seen it

When i clean out my bearings, i always take my wheel for a bit of a spin.

It’s possible!

If you can seat push/drag you should be able to use it as a UW


Yes it is possible, but it is much, much harder to learn to ride than a purpose built ultimate wheel. A circus friend of mine learnt in this way and it took him months to get it. He was astonished when I told him I learnt to ride on a purpose UW in 2 or 3 hours. The reason its harder is that the pedals are further out from the plane the of the wheel, compared to a real UW which has its pedals screwed into the plane of the wheel.

However for bigger wheels this effect is reduced. One of the first things Peter Bier and I did when we first got our Coker wheels (without frames) was to ride them as ultimates. This was quite possible even with 125mm cranks. See this thread and the gallery mentioned in it.