Uni Weight Comparisons

Has anyone done a comparison of how much different unis weigh, and the advantages one way or the other? UDC lists the weight of some of their unis but not others. There is considerable discussion about strength but not much about weight. I’m especially curious about aluminum versus steel unis, for example: the KH series versus the Torker AX series versus the Torker DX series, versus the Nimbus series, etc.

Although I haven’t mastered them yet, I hear that unispins are easier with a lighter uni. I would guess that as long as you are not doing heavy-duty drops or other “extreme” skills a lighter uni would be prefered but I could be wrong.

Someone please convince me otherwise!


Umm…yea, lighter is generally more responsive, in particular rotational weight is important(for street, not so much for trials).

And comparing the DX to the KH, for example, involves more than weight.
I certainly don’t want a uni that weighs 50% more though…

Well maintained the KH will likely take a very long while to break(they fixed the flanges, right?) and the DX isn’t ISIS so finding replacement parts can be a pain.

I’m too lazy to continue, someone else deal with this guy.


KH and Koxx, about 12 lbs. Nimbus, Onza, Qu ax, about 13 lbs. Dx Torker about 14 lbs. Ax Torker about 10 lbs. These are all trials, except the 20 " ax.

For a general ride around uni, the ax Torker is a great value. You will bend the cranks and perhaps break other things if you ride it extremely rough, but I have been muni riding an ax 29 for a while now with no trouble.

If you want to hop and drop a lot, you need a splined crank setup.

Not true i’d say both woudl take about as long to break. But cranks on a dx are crap, the rim is really thin, although probably stronger than the drilled kh rim (yes even the oval 08 one, it’s only oval on one wall…)

The moment cranks are really nice due to their shape and overall feel. (although i prefer koxx cranks myself), but they are pretty much unbreakable.

The frame on the dx is a pile of rubbish, saw one for the first time at unicon - my god so heavy and ugly what a knee breaker.

The seat on the DX also is really fat and not very nice while the kh one is thinner and nicer for SIF, but they ahve the same base so both are as weak or strong as each other.

Overally the DX is not necesarily weaker than the kh but the kh is the nicer unicycle by more than just weight, every part on it is nicer in some way or other. weight is just another advantage of the kh. but read the millions of dx threads if you really want to know the in depth differences.

I never actually said which was stronger:p