Uni Weekend 09 - NZ Street/Flat/Trials

Wish I got more footage of EVERYONE like the last uni weekend vid. But this vid it just from the crew I stayed with over the weekend. Had a lot of trouble editing and uploading with this, so it didn’t turn out how I wanted it, but here it is…

Lemme know what you think

It appears that you guys had a great time. Loved the music BTW.

looks like loads of fun! nutting must have come sharp at 1:00 looked painful. some big spins in there too! Particularly liked the flip down the big drop, (quite brave).

Flip down the drop, 630, and out triple were sick!

That looked like fun. There was some good trials and street in there. And I loved the trick at the end :wink:

And LOL @ “Steiner”. :):stuck_out_tongue:


I liked the flip off the huge drop. Now I’ll have to flip that gap you wanted me to do.:slight_smile:

thanks so much for this awsomeness video. brought back a lot of our great memories of the weekend! you did a great job of it despite adobe fucking up etc.

and the steiner joke wasnt too bad i geuss, was kinda funny but i am still a tad bit annoyed with u for that. also y did steiner find it funny? i geuss it was kinda inside joke but still…


awesome video:D

I liked the flip down the drop. That was tightt and has inspired me to go crankflip off something big later today, and hope to land it…
I liked the filming and editing, and liked some of the techniques you used in combining them all. This vid has given me some ideas for my next one (y)

This is the kind of awesome fun people will have if they come to NZ Unicon this year !!

Vid turned out well in the end. Only 3 clips of me but meh :P. I can actually trey cleanly now btw, and varial fakieflip.

Isaac, sorry your 7 stair round rail wasn’t in there. It was one of the problematic clips. I’ll try upload it later

nah dont worry bout it man, the vid was awsome without it anyway. and besides i landed several kinked stair grinds in toowoomba :smiley:

Kinked as in down, flat, down? And was it a handrail?

nice work Chris

Did any NZ people get any pics or vids of Issac munched wheel after like half the spokes pulled through? :smiley:

By kinked I’m sure he means, rail with a kink in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

No actually! Where he heck did all the footage of Isaacs rim go?? That would have been prefect for the vid

yea chris is right bout the rail: down to short bit of flat. and yes it was a proper handrail plus it was about 3 revs away from a pond :stuck_out_tongue:

now i know tony took a couple of pics of my rim after i failed the handrail but i dont know if anyone actually took any pics of it after we ripped out half the spokes. but i know that we did get a fair amount of footage of it on mike or duncans vid camera

lol sweet

I’m keen to see those pics I’ll email Tony and see if he has any:D

I have one pic of your rim that i got Tony. The really chessy one of you after you bent your rim on that little grind :smiley:

This video was sick!
It made me laugh just to see Michaels face when he was eating at the table with Issac.
Crankflip off the drop was great it was all great.

It made me really want to go to Unicon in the NZ even more. Money is the issue. I asked Mum if I could just stay with you guys or where-eva your staying so that it’s cheaper (as there will be just me and no one else to pay for) But she said kind of a no-ish.

:astonished: :thinking: :slight_smile: