Uni Website Kudos

I think that one of the reasons unicycling has become so much more popular over the last few years is due to the Internet and our international connections, the sharing of ideas, challenges, and accomplishments.

To create the Memphis Unicycle Club one of the first things we did was to establish a web-presence. I am extremely proud of our MUC website. “Wheel Rider” has been a most amazingly attentive and diligent webmaster for our club. In behalf of “Wheel Rider’s” fine work, I would like to invite everyone to take a peek at his fine work at:


Kudos to “Wheel Rider!” The MUC website is the information anchor for our club and continues to serve our extended uni-community by offering a high standard of quality for information, and connectivity.

I want to publicly thank “Wheel Rider” for this contribution to the Memphis Unicycle Club and our international community. Kudos for his efforts in sharing our love of unicycling!


I’ll second that! Wheel Rider has done an excellent job.