uni vs ? poser game

Hey all I was wondering if any of you guys ever do this… I always play “poser” against bmx guy’s and my skateboarding friends… a kickflip is a crnakflip a shuv it is a uni spin etc… I always win on rails or ledges… anyone here does that ? ITS FUN

Yeah, but I can’t crankflip, and I can barely unispin but I still do fairly good. The skaters here suck though. Normally it has to do with landing a stair set, no-one seems to actually be able to ride out of it without touching the ground.

Put them skaters to shame.

heheh made me laugh vry hard matt very hardj

I have played a similar game (I think) Its called SKATE over here. Where one person has to land a trick and the other person has to match it or better it.


i want to play this game with some of my skater friends

yea, i have played SKATE with skaters. Pretty much the same deal, but if you cant match their trick or if they cant match yours then they get a letter (S-K-A-T-E) whoever spells out SKATE first loses.

I started to do that a bit with a couple of BMXers I met at the skatepark but it was much more informal. Basically he would do a line then I would have to do the same line but it was very informal, just testing each others limits, it is fun though. I would like to do it more with unicyclists but it seems all the riders I know are either a fair amount better than me, not as good as me, or just have different riding styles, so its always very one sided.

Yeah, it can’t really be found to play with other unis, since the skill is soo different, and not enough people know the flip tricks and waht not. But it’s really easy to beat most skaters (at least around here) since a big spin is a 360 shove 180 twist (superbigspin i guess), yeah not alot can do that. Varialflip, bigflip, that stuff is kinda tricky. BUt whatev. It’s a good game, but gets boring. laters
p.s. I’ld like to play real UNI against Alex Toms.

-Shaun Johanneson