I don’t know if there is a name for this phenomenon; there seems to be some pretty good names for things regarding unicycles. But since I took up unicycling, every time I look at a row of bicycles locked up, all I see is twice as many unicycles and for a split second think “Holy cow look at all those!” before I realize that the wheels are connected. I wonder if this happens to anyone else.

I also keep mistaking people who are already taken for singles. :frowning:

This is something i also know and have experienced way to much … it’s not so bad if you know somebody is taken before you fall in love, but if you get that information after you did, it’s pretty disappointing. :smiley:

On your uni vision, i haven’t experienced the same vision yet :P.


Haha. No I don’t have that. But when I read your title and the first two lines of text (from hovering above it in the threads display), I thought you meant something that I do experience: often I see MUni lines on mountain trails or trials objects in cities, even though I don’t have a uni with me.

You mean to say that when two unicycles come together they create a bicycle, in the same way that when two people marry they make a couple? (By this logic, you can try to make bicycle wheels “divorce” each other.) But two unicycles put together do not make a bicycle, just as two single persons put together do not necessarily make a couple!

But overall I agree that riding a unicycle is a very different experience to riding a bike. After a while the bike’s 2nd wheel seems superfluous from the perspective of unicycling. So it is not unnatural that you should so mistake bicycles for unicycles, because your mind is trying to mentally “deconstruct” bicycles into their more basic components - unicycles. Because you have experienced riding with a solo wheel, your mind is trying to make sense of each single wheel in a bicycle.

I think unicycling is related to being single. The unicycle with the solo wheel is a rather solo pursuit (like a person who goes solo), unlike chess or tennis which depend on having a playing partner. But the bicycle despite having two wheels is also a solo pursuit. In it, it is the wheels that depend on having a partner wheel, while in the unicycle even the wheel is solo/single. So a single person riding a unicycle is engaged in a solo pursuit on a solo wheel-vehicle.

As for a name for this phenomenon, maybe you can call it “solo vision”. Try looking at them with one eye, lol!

How about “unicycle sight”? I remember once stopping in a roadside rest area on a long trip, waiting for my friend. Just standing there, I noticed, on a rack of pins about 10 meters away, one with a little bear riding a unicycle.

Do I see unicycles when I look at bikes? I think it’s wishful thinking, and I’ve conditioned myself to start from bike and check to see if anything’s a unicycle, since it usually isn’t. But I’m always looking…

The same thing happened to me once, where you smoking a fat joint too?

Often when I see people riding bikes for a second I think they are on a uni. Unfortunately they never are…

like Bill in the above post I see lines and stuff I want to come back and play on at a later time. Often while I’m waiting for something or in another town, never do get to go back though…

I do this all the time. I count every stair set I drive by and look for trials obstacles.

Thanks you for the post, i like it