Uni video on newspaper website

The Orange County Register sent a photographer to shoot some footage and made this short video for their website. The terrain wasn’t too technical, but the angles are pretty cool and it moves along at a pretty good clip. There’s a short 15 sec. sponsored promo before it starts


That was pretty cool, but no peace sign!?! Your right there were some pretty cool clips.

Haha yeah, but it wasn’t for lack of trying! I must have flashed the peace sign 5-6 times, but he obviously decided not to use it lol! Remember that I had no part in the editing, so it was out of my hands. :slight_smile: The audio part where I’m talking was recorded in my car after he shot the footage, but I didn’t realize it would be used in the video!

And a weird thing happened during the interview, a lady came out of her house, and approached my car, and started grilling us as to what wee were doing! I told her I was being interviewed for a newspaper thing, and she said…“That’s weird…but what are you doing here?”

She started rambling on about her getting a divorce and thought that we were spying on her to get “evidence” or something like that so her ex wouldn’t have to keep paying alimony or whtaever! She was NUTS! lol!

So she just kept on and on and so when she finally started to leave, I said, yeah, actually we ARE private investigators, and we also just got you on tape! She looked back at us, gave me a dirt look and ran off! :smiley:

hahaha nothing better than winding random people up eh? I’m dressing up as the grim reaper for halloween and going to visit old people lol :smiley:
“It’s your time to go”
"Arrrgggh!! :astonished: "

naa I wont but it would be hilarious!

Would that include people my age?:o:( So funny how age is relative; to a toddler, a 15 year old seems old. And to a 15 year old, 30 seems like an eternity away. And when I look at other people my age, I often can’t relate because I don’t think of myself as “that age”. I really think I’m in a continuing state of “arrested development!” (Hopefully not menatlly though haha!). :smiley:

Awesome footage there Terry. Really well put together little segment. Loved the music with it.

Great skills by the way !! You made it look to easy :slight_smile:

Congrat’s Terry. Good job.

Thanks yeah he did a good job with the little footage he had.:slight_smile:


That was awsome it was very well put together! You should thank him for not puting circus music on it as I have seen done before.

Haha no, he was there specifically to shoot MUni footage, and he knows it’s a serious sport, and certainly not a circus act lol. :slight_smile:

Nice clip. Nothing embarrassing to our sport, like so many news papers who like to mentions clowns. Nice job.

That was a fun watch … good press Terry!
Nice to filmed huh? All you gotta do is ride like a banshee.
Hey, I was a circus clown and even we disliked the “same old circus tunes” when we did publicity for the shows. Most media people aren’t all that creative when it comes down to it but the guy that did this of you Got it
Just back from a Muni ride with some fellers so this was nice to watch as I rest me weary bum.
You did us older gents proud!

Yeah, I remember someone saying that…

about 31 years ago lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it came out pretty well, for not having any control over the outcome.;:o

Thanks. Anything we all can do to get the word out is great for the sport, and I try to do my part.:slight_smile: