Uni video on front page of youtube

If just getting a bunch of views is all it takes, I’d be tempted to review a KH vid or something a couple dozen times a day until it got on that front page. Is that all or do you need that “director’s account”?

I think that wasn’t intended towards the general public, but to us as a joke, seeing how we get asked that so often.

Ok, so I sorta figured out how to get your video featured, but I’m still lost. Here’s how:

Good luck.

You silly people, misunderstanding the Directors account…
It’s free
Anyone can have one
Beniefits include: Videos can be over 100MB and 10mins length (unlike standard users).
Is designed for “Directors”, the musician account is for “Musicians”

Basically a Director is supposed to have all the legal rights of a video (and its contents) in order to post it.
I don’t think that being a Director increases ones likelyhood of being chosen for front page.

Oh, and Frontpage videos are chosen, usually by the youtube staff, but sometimes by youtube members.

Note in the “Wanna Get Featured!?” video the comments about copyright & music.

I don’t know for a fact, but most unicycle videos I’ve seen don’t look like they have permission for their music.

Yup, that’s probably the biggest obsticle in terms of getting a video featured.

It explains unicycling to the non-unicylist. (with the narrative)
Its nicely edited and filmed.

Another video that appeals to non-unicyclists is Kris’s into the Thunder Dragon. It starts with something that normal people might find interesting anyway (travel).

Whereas we make videos for unicyclist.

Awesome editing. Very crappy riding for a front page video. Suck how the vids with the most exposure arent the ones with the best riding.

I think there is a lot more to a good video than a series of well-filmed stunts. I think the music holds it together and it tells a story that people find interesting. I’ve seen it before, and I still think it is a good video.

What? Don’t you see it is all in his sweet yellow shirt? I’ll watch it again just to get another look at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to agree with most people that there are way better videos that should be there insted but hey its not every day that unicycle gets that much regognition so woohoo for muni

does anyone have a link?
it’s not on the front page anymore…

Nice to get the video featured.

Did anyone notice that guy’s uni? Try-all rim with Qu-ax hub and KH frame(or so it looks like). Funny combination.

And I liked the video, although the riding wasn’t extreme, as they claim(the still-stand was great, though).

The video itself is very old and was done by the guys at cumbriamuni (place where I live).
I agree it doesn’t show the extent now of unicycling but it was up for an award or may have won one at a mini film festival a few years ago now.
I’m not even sure if either of the riders now in that film unicycle anymore as their website has been down for a long time.
All exposure is good exposure I suppose but I do agree there are better mini videos out there that could highlight unicycling

I remember seeing this video a while back when it was going to be in a competition. I thought, and still think that it is a good story. Why the negativity? Do I detect a bit of jealousy? We should be glad that our sport made it to the front page and got as much exposure as it did. Hopefully this will pave the way for other uni videos. With that many viewings, it’s bound to cause at least one viewer to look into unicycling further.

One final comment, Great job.

Exactly. The front page of YouTube is huge exposure for unicycling – nearly any unicycling. Something a little more entry-level actually makes the sport more inviting for most people. They might be more likely to try it.

Remember, YouTube is not a unicycling web site. “Regular” people have a much different idea of what looks good on a unicycle than most of us do.

I don’t know if I ever saw this video or not. Anybody got a link to it?

It’s still on the front page for me, but here’s the link anyways:

Thanks. Very nicely done video! No wonder it was deemed worthy for the front page. It’s an actual short film with real editing, sound and a bit of a story line. The riding is very good. Most of us aren’t Kris Holm. Certainly much more watchable by a mass audience than a roughly-edited series of invisible flip tricks in a driveway or playground.

My two dings on the film:

  • The two guys riding out the gate with the “no cycling” sign
  • The sign “Gone to join the circus” was certainly not thought up by a unicyclist. We would probably have said “Gone riding” or “Gone unicycling.”

I liked the movie. Thought is flowed well and didn’t make me feel inferior in my riding abilities!:smiley: The music worked well with the type of riding. I give it a thumbs up.

Ya not the best video i’ve seen…but at least people are watching it.

it will hopefully increase popularity on all vids