Uni video on front page of youtube

Go check it out…hooray for more recognition! It’s more of a very short look into the sport, rather than a highlight video.

decent little Muni vid.

I’d like to know HOW THE HELL this video, posted just 2 days ago, gets 7,500 views!!! There’s a helluva lot better Univids out there that haven’t gotten anywhere near that many views, and have been up for way longer. I don’t get it. :thinking:

i’m with the geezer on that one

I heard that evrytime you hit the reload button it adds views. Maybe I don’t know.

I somewhat agree with Terry, I do agree that there are better uni videos out there, but this video is definitely well edited. I would prefer to see other uni videos make the front page for sure.

Does anyone know how a video makes the front page? Is there a formula that we can crack to showcase other uni videos?

That video’s been on youtube for a long time. I think it was reposted.

maybe so, but if you relist it, wouldn’t that start the views out at zero again? Even still, that seems like a very extraordinary amount of views for a fairly low-key, not-too extreme MUni video.

Me 2. :thinking:

Now all of a sudden it’s up to over 11,000 views! WTF? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Yeah, it defintely doesn’t showcase the best tricks, but I think it gave decent look into unicycling, except for the circus note at the end, I wasn’t too fond of. I rather see a Uni Geezer vid on the front page.

Haha thanks, but I was thinking of Kris Holm or some highlights from Universe that’s truly extreme!

I think the guy is getting out of youtube and go back in repeatedly and viewing his own vid?? . :thinking: :thinking: which is just weird if he is.

Yeah but there’s been HUNDREDS of posted comments, all within just the last 3 hours!various

It’s just getting a bunch of views because it’s on the front page of youtube, so anyone you goes to youtube will see that video on the front page. Occasioanally I’ll check out whatever’s on the front page because usually there’s something interesting there, in this case it’s unicycling.

that video sucks! they should have put a better one up. how do you get your vids on the front page??? i want to try.

Well the video was uploaded by someone with a “director” account. Which basicly means they have an upgraded account that they pay for and lots more people are watching. I think.

Sucks how unicycling stuff that gets out into a large amount of the public is always low-key compared to “real” extreme riding.

And what’s with that stupid “gone to join circus” note?

Probably his/her mates who can’t be bothered doing anything else are just popping in and out. :smiley: Weird people i tell you what. Unless it bots as well.

yeah that note is smurfin’ stupid. i want a directors account but im too cheap.
they should put some shaun johanneson, or luke colleto or xav or dan. those short of video’s would really open peoples eyes about unicycling.