Uni video made in France -- "The Silk Hill"

I shot this video while studying abroad in Lyon last year. The second largest city in France is awesome for unicycling: trials, street, flatland, lots of gliding, and especially unicycle basketball. In this film we make our way to the top of La Croix-Rousse, one of the hills that forms Lyon, and blaze all the way back down. It’s truly a sloped unicycle paradise.

quicktime, 47 mb


I hope you enjoy watching!

Now lets go gliding…


Looks like tons of fun!

Will you be at WuKo? haha :wink: You better be there :smiley:

Awesome video !!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun !! :slight_smile:

wow thats some awesome gliding lol.

GLIDE-CAM! Awesome. And no shots in which the camera was harmed. :slight_smile:

And from what we see it looks like Jess out-glid them all!

(glid = past tense of glide)

Yeah! What a great movie…it makes me wish I had a uni when I was there a few years ago.


Wow that looked like a blast! jealous

Excellent video! A lot of fun to watch.

…I wish i could glide.

Sweet! I have been waiting for you to release this for a really long time! But it keeps on crashing, no matter what I play it in. Right when the gliding starts to get good!

Wow - great filming & amazing riding!

really nice vid

like the filming and editing^^

keep it up

-Raphael P.

Looks like a lot of fun

The gliding cam is great.

I wish I could glide;)

Why are you so err… “gangster”?

edit: Great Unicyclist though! :smiley:

A unicyclist is only as good as he is gangster…

I put up a high-res version (80 mb):



Downloaded it, and seems to hang at around 2:44 ? Downloaded again in case my first download had gotten corrupted somehow… same result.

Great video !! Watched it a few times already, and has gone into my list of videos to watch all the time… along with your Northstar Nincumpoops video :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, JohnnyReggae! Should be fixed now… lemme know. I’m glad you like the video!


Excellent !! Works 100%, thanks.

Why people cant anymore post their videos to our video place? :thinking:

As I mentioned in another thread, it seems very on topic to post movies to the rec.sport.unicycling newsgroup. The video forum is not a newsgroup; it is just a forum. If you don’t understand the difference, then please read up on newsgroups, and syndication.


This vid inspired me so much to get gliding down and I can finally do it as of a couple days ago! Sooo fun! Now I just need the rain to go away :frowning: