Uni Video From The North

Here is a short video I just put together of some winter afternoon riding…

Comprised of: Balance lines, drops, hops and wipeouts… No story line just riding.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think…

Here’s the link

Nine thats how it is at my house right now and i hate it.But anyway was that a KH20" or a KH 24"??? :thinking:


Cool flick, dude.

All the same, I’m glad to be in the sun and 16 degree temps here on the West Coast. :smiley:

amen to that

I must object to the comments about the winter… I have ended up riding more during the winter then I did last summer. Since I downhill ski, the snow gives me confidence to try things that I wouldn’t try on pavement. Besides it’s softer as well! :smiley: I must admit I am looking forward to object that aren’t slippery with ice. No grip leads to some unusual UPDs.

I am riding my brothers KH24 in the opening clip, the rest of the riding was done on my KH20 05…

What do you think of the slowed action? I liked the idea since it gives me a better look at my riding form.

There has been over 100 views to this thread and only four responses… Are people watching the video, and leaving again without posting?

Nice stuff… Snow looks like fun! It makes me realize how much I am going to enjoy my shorts/ t-shirt/ and sunshine on saturdays ride… Has anyone seen my sunscreen?

Keep up the video work, it keeps us all motivated!

Yes, I do that very often. Sometimes I think the videos aren’t that great, and I don’t say anything, and sometimes all that I wanted to say has already been said.

Re: Uni Video From The North

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:54:48 -0600, “UNIquelyCanadian” wrote:

>There has been over 100 views to this thread and only four responses…

That’s perfectly normal. To illustrate that ( <= these three words
were added for JJuggle), I did a quick calculation on the (current)
first page of the RSU forum. The ratio of responses to views ranges
from 1.1% to 6.5%, and is 3.4% on average.

Also, you should realise that a view for the thread doesn’t mean
people have seen the video.

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