Uni-vid: Yard Riding

I’ve made a new vid, its all in my yard. go to my gallery


Theres trampoline jumping and a dash o trials, Well im not to sure what style all this is, but enjoy.

there are also 2 other new clips and pics from the mov.


its very dial up friendly.




Cool, I loved the trampoline riding. That and the hopping on the ladder. Well done.



That kick up mount into a WW is nice :sunglasses:

Again, Thanks.

the stand up ww was cool. how long did it take you to learn that. ive been wanting to learn it, but have declared it impossible.


Nice vid, but what’s with the big hole in your yard? Do your dogs like to dig?

Slick riding, keep it up.

Interesting. You have a riding area which is unusual and rather awkward compared to what most of us deal with, but it has lots of possibilities for trials.

Stand-up wheel walk is far from impossible, although it does require a lot of practice. (I’m still not very good at it.) Unless you have a unicycle with a good, solid, square fork that you can stand on easily, it is practically impossible to learn, though. When I tried it on my CX, before I got the Nimbus II, I could just barely stand on the fork, but I couldn’t move at all, because there wasn’t enough support. If you’re looking for advice on how to do this skill, check out what I wrote on the Unicyclopedia’s freestyle page. I have links to five different videos of it there, too.

About that. Is the new 2005 KH 20" any good for stand up riding?

I´m planning on buying that and I want to be able to do some other stuff than trials on it.

Liked the riding to, but it must be scary to have all the dogs around you when you ride, I would be scared to hop on their tails by accident or something.

I just looked at the picture on unicycle.com, and while the KH 20 would not be ideal for stand-up skills and other freestyle moves, you certainly would be able to learn almost anything on it. You might do better to invest in a real freestyle unicycle though, if you want to get serious about stand-up tricks and other skills of similar difficulty.

The hole was actually dug by me and my bros. one of three. We had one that was over 9 feet deep but not very wide and to close tyo the fence. We have another thats a little deeper than teh one in the vid for water from teh washing machine, and we have teh one you saw thats 12x12 and only 4 1/2 ft deep, it gets kinda boring out here:( . Ohh, and the terain, i know its different and i really hate that, i prefer urban and street but am stuck with this wasteland. But hey the mountains are like 5 mi. away:D .

Nice kickup mount into ww. That was clean, makes me want to go try it.

The stand up wheel walk looks like the next freestyle trick I’m going to work on. I’m decent at wheel walking, can get about 5 kicks with 1 ft wheel walking, but stand up looks about on par with 1 foot wheel walk.

Does that sound right?

virtually, it does

Stand-up ww was about 20x harder than one-footed ww for me. You really should be able to glide before you start learning it, since you often do short glides while stand-up wwing. It’s a bit easier than sideways ww, but definitely harder than backward ww and hand ww. The transitions are even harder. (I still can’t get out of it.)

Its standard skill list value is 5.0, which means it’s about as hard as side ride, backward one-footed lace walk, and hand wheel walk sitting on the seat with the legs extended. One-footed wheel walk is only 3.7.

I don’t mean to discourage you- it’s a great skill to learn- but you should probably wait until you’re a little better at easier wwing variations.