uni vid from Hungary


grrr, it wont let me watch it, if mike clark is posting it it must be good to.

can someone please throw this into the gallery or youtube it?


wow !!!

The filming was beautiful and so was the editing…

I really like the fact that there was only the rider in the screen and no other people passing by.

Thanks for posting

The riding is good but not amazing but the filming and editing are crazily good and make it awesome.

Download VLC media player, it plays almost everything. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

nagyon jol! es nagyon ugyes van! (wife is from pecs)

and that is about as much as i can speak…lol Nicely down, very nice to see the var at night… miss that area of budapest

that’s the best riding I’ve seen for a while(and editing!)


That has to be the most artistic and beautifuly shot unicycle video I have ever seen. It was widescreen too!

Amazingly done.

Keep up the fantastic work… now if only i could get something like that for when i decide to do a video.



Best uni video EVER!

Serisouly, great job!

waw thats a nicely shot video


loved that.
it was teh kickasszorz.

real inpirational-like for my DVD.

I had trouble at first too. I had to right click the link, click save as onto my desktop and then open it. It’s a pretty large file. 122MB. It then played fine on Windows Media Player 11.

A well done piece of work! I enjoyed it!

Just Beautiful!

Great riding, music, filming. Best mood.

Thank you.

Oh, thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:
I think you might like my other unicycle video btw… :stuck_out_tongue:


Same rider, along with another guy on two wheels. Check it out :wink:

This was the most beautiful unicycle vid I have ever seen!
Keep it up! I want more of these!

yo that was really good filming. who is that kid?


Rather nicely done that reminds me of an old skate video I used to watch alot in the skating days, good to see some arty video’ing being done :slight_smile:

sux to be me, coz i click on the link and it just has a blank screen with “Done” at the bottom left hand corner of the screen…


maybe they should;ve stuck with the night time theme the whole way through.

loved it!


SincoJim,(while i have your attention)
your films are wonderfull. Shot composition is excelent, almost as if it has a storyline. The breakup shots in 4amforever are beautifull, they make want to visit Hungary.

Alot of the time, I watch a uni vid an come away thinking unicycling is akward and lame (much more fun to do than watch), not with your vids.

thank you,