Uni vid 4 By James & Co

Me and a few mates [not as good as me i must say…] recently made our fourth video, so u can check it out if ya want

I’ve been riding for around 5 months, and recently bought a KH20 which has helped me improve greatly and given me much more confidence :smiley:

Don’t be too harsh… as this footage was taken over a month ago, and i can now one foot wheel walk & wheel walk successfully (i was learning to wheel walk at that time…)

Things I already know and can do: Jump using one hand, ride faster on steps

Feel free to comment, criticise, and advise…


uni 3 was scary haha

keep riding and keep practicing…
youll get better in time…

Yeh just a bit… thats why i dont post the older vids around lol cos they’re embarassing!!! But I like Uni 3 cossa the funny editting … and theres kinda alot of swearing too, but the general bickering is quite funny.

As much as that was fun, we’re now working on making more professional videos with better uniocycling in.

Thanks for watching!

Ps. and btw, if u go to that video and go to my profile, there are two new short clips on there u might wana check out :stuck_out_tongue: please subscribe??? there will always be more new vids on the way…

Not bad, esp. considering you guys are greengos:p

Your wallpaper makes it hard to see anything:(

Umm … in what way does it??

and, I have no idea what a greengo is!

All of those photos you have as your wallpaper makes it hard to see exactly where the links are and where to click.

1 - What North Americans are sometimes called by Latin Americans, usually derogatory in nature (why I included the :p).

2 - Someone who is very new to an activity, job, sport, etc. Green - new.


Please watch my new vid everyone!!!