Uni Vernacular

I have been a rock climber for quite a few years. It is quite a social sport and there is a lot of lingo that goes along with climbing to describe the style that one tackled a route.

Yesterday on the uni I made it all the way through a technical section of the trail without a UPD or PD for that matter. Previously if I did dismount, I would back up and ride through the section. So I can say that I have ridden the whole trail, but never in one go. I began to realize that I dont have the vocabulary to describe the way the trail had been done.

Perhaps there are already terms for these things. There are analogs in the climbing community, but I want to see what this comUNIty has come up with (or will come up with).

To ride a section of trail…

… with dismounts, but every section is ridden.

… with dismounts, and walking around obstacles.

… with no UPDs.

… without any dismounts.

… without any dismounts or prior knowledge of the trail.

Happy Trails

I too am a climber and I just use the standard climbing lingo for riding the uni:

“with dismounts, but every section is ridden” = Hangdog

“with dismounts, and walking around obstacles” = AO

“with no UPDs” = Pinkpoint

“without any dismounts” = Redpoint

“without any dismounts or prior knowledge of the trail” = Onsight

They work but are kinda a stretch. HAHA

I’m no climber but I often rob terms from mountain bikers to describe my rides:

Gnarly = rough/technical
Cleared = completed a section without falling off or dismounting (can also be applied to a full trail although dismounts are acceptable)
Fresh = not tired, but sufficiently warmed up (E.G I’ll do that drop when I’m fresh
Bombing Down = going fast
Chocolate Foot/Forward Foot = the foot you like to have at the front when you hop

I can’t think of any more as of now

P.S I’m currently in the UK so I’m not sure if you’ve heard these terms before.

Where does flashed fit in?

Boring, but I call that riding every inch, with dismounts. One of my proudest MUni moments was riding the entire Slickrock Practice Loop in Moab; every inch. It took forever.

I don’t have a description for that; I think of it as ‘more fun next time’

That’s a good name for that.

Something like "Rolled end-to-end with zero dismounts. Kinda long.

Fun, but the trail was easier than I would have liked. :smiley:

we use thoes here :smiley: they are all good :wink:

I know that some are used on unicyclist but I put them here more for the benafit of newbies. The only problem with sport jargon is that onlookers think you’re a massive hippie weirdo (don’t say gnarly trails in public, I learnt that the hard way).

I do tho :stuck_out_tongue: no one gives me issues when i roll a 12+ set of sairs or find weird urban muni lines