Uni vector art!

I just got done vectorizing this picture, and I thought somebody might like to see it, so i’m posting it up on the forums. Hope you like it!

I cant see the attachment so I’ll give it a go with adobe cs2 as my trial version runs out today,

Here it is just through the new live trace function, kinda cool eh. Now even lazy people like me can do vector art and stick to doing everything in raster then converting it over.




mine took longer :stuck_out_tongue:

I really wish i had cs2, it looks soo much cooler than illustrator 10, which is what I’m using.

Does the attachment not work for other people as well? If it doesn’t work, I’ll reattach it or something.

Yeah, It doesn’t work for me.


I’ll reupload a different filetype or something.

Sorry for the thread jack, but HOW come the octopus drop wasn’t in Defect???

OK, here’s a different version of the attachment:

(hopes it works this time)

it was WAY too extreme. or he didn’t land it. or something.

Hey, thats perdy good!


Not bad. I like how your knowledge of the KH05 shape influeced the vector frame.

yeah, some of the stuff wasn’t good enough quality for me to figure it out, so i just made it up. the hub/cranks especially, and also the frame.

Yeah, he crashed. He wasn’t just dropping off it, he was dropping to the railing.

That link doesn’t work for me:(

Beautiful pics! I’m really keen to see that attachment of the drop, but it doesn’t work for me either.


Andrew, the drop is insane. You must see it. It’s somewhat less insane that we know he’s landing on the tentacle… but insane nonetheless.

Octopus drop:

I made a new one of Murde Mental because I was bored:

(hope hope that attachment works. It should, i think the first was bad because i did it in quick reply.)

from this picture:

downtown gap.jpg