Uni Upgrade HELP...

So… I have had this CyclePro (aka shitty) unicycle lying around my house for some time now. I learned to ride many years back and have recently…year and a half…taken back up riding. I ride mainly MUNI ( hardcore style ) and am working on my flatland. So anyways back to the story. This unicycle has been great. I have already upgraded the tire+tube and switched the pedals for some stomper Wellgo’s ( that really hurt without 661’s(have the scars to prove it)). I have noticed that the crank on the uni has come loose and have tried desperatly to reattach it. I have put on new bolts and all and tried to gorilla glue the whole damn thing but nothing is working…there is still some play. I was wondering about switching crank/hub/rim/2.5in tire…but unsure about the pre-drilled hub the uni came with.

Essentially it is a bolt in hub that is attached to the uni through two bolts. It looks like the spacers and the bearings are completly inclosed in this single peice that bolts onto the main uni frame. Is there any hub out there that bolts into the frame but has the clamp style beaing encasing. If so i need one…Eventually my KH will come and i was wondering if this would be my exclusive trials uni…can it be salvaged?


that type of frame is what’s known as lollipop style, because it has a bearing holder shaped like a lollipop. I’d recommend getting something else, because lollipops tend to be easily broken.

can lollipop styles come in clamps that would fit KH hubs+cranks plus a new mavic rim and wildlife tire?

I’ve never seen one that fits 42mm bearings which is what the KH uses, most (if not all) lollipops are 40mm and not 42