Uni T's for sale...2 Bedford 1 Jester

i have to many unicycling T-shirts, these can go.

some detail: the tan Bedford shirt is basicly new and only been worn once. the red/tomatoish colored Bedford “betty” shirt is about a year old but ive worn it only 3 times.

the Uni Jester shirt is about two years old, has a tiny bit of collar wear but still only been worn about 6 times (once for my avitar)…

all in great condition, never sweated in and always hung to dry, never machine dried so the printing is still bingo baby!

all size Large

taking offers.

shipping will be 6 bucks Priorty Mail with confirmation.


the Unicycle Jester shirt looks like this on the front, the Bedfords have the “bedford” logo on the other side.


Howmuch for the “No bicycle” shirt?

not sure about selling them singley yet, i figured somone will offer to take all 3 since its the same 5 bucks shipping for all three as it would be for just one.

Ill take the redish tomatoish colored betty shirt.

PM the cost for it, I am going to the movies in 2 days, so Ill be spending about 30 dollars there, so after that I will have the money for the shirt.

like i said, i’d like to wait a couple days to see if somone wants all three, since its easier to ship all at once and costs the same as sending just one.

if i get a solid offer on the tan one ( my favorite) i may be more likly to send them all differant ways, but for now im still taking offers.

oh and by “taking offers” that means give me a price…not “tell me what you want”

by the way, 30 bucks at the movies! :astonished: better to spend $30 plus 5 shipping and get all three shirts and wait for the DVD to come out.

Well, tickets are gonna be about 16 dollars, and anything I buy before that, and afterwards, pop and popcorn, so all together its about 30 dollars.

Price wise, is 10-15 dollars ok? I can do more if that is too low.

Ill just have to wait a few days to see if you’ll part with the shirts separately.

All Sold.