uni tricks

I have been riding a uni for about 2 Years now and i am new to the forum.
I was never very crazy about the sport until i started riding more and I had a stupid Question. I see all these different tutorials, crankrolls, handstands,unispins and I have no idea what these tricks are.
could someone explain?

Well, im not quite sure who is willing to write out a list for you of all the tricks definitions…

Try using the search funtion located at the top and try typing in something like “trick names” and see what comes up. Its 1 in the morning here and im about to go to bed, but i’ll have you know that a 180 unispin is when you jump off the unicycle, spin the unicycle 180 degrees, and land back on the cranks/pedals.

It is known as the 1spin, only because of the first number of the degree.

This trick has different degrees. If the unicycle rotates 360 degrees, it is known as a 3spin, and so on.

Just lurking around the forum can answer more questions than you may even have so far. Thats how I learned all I know. If it weren’t for these forums, I would be nowhere with unicycling.

it uld take tunz of explaining cos its took me a few moths 2 find out about all this stuff. i was riding for 1 and a half years until i jioined this. just by making up threads,searching the intrnet and watching utube vids, soon fuound out.
crankrolls, revs, flips and all are uniycycle tricks