Uni Tricks

Hey, i’m a fairly new unicyclist… i’ve been riding close to two weeks.
I can. . crankstall, pedalgrab… umm drop about 1.5m. . and i do alot of fairly easy downhill… i’m not sure what i should try next. .any ideas?? i have alot of crates at home, and i need some ideas of what i can do with them… and just any other stunt/trick ideas would be good to :slight_smile:

yeh same here

you can’t drop 1.5 meters you lying bastard!

:S how high u rekkon? im not saying exactly

maybe 1 meter, but no more… without killing.nutting yourself

lol imma go outside now, and see how many crates i can drop off till i break my legs… lol

oi, wat kinda uni do u ride???

trials, 20" is that what u meant?

i think he ment what brand, you’d want it to be splined doing 1.5 meter drops.

yeah nah its not splined… lol nd i thought about it properly… lol and i cant quite do 1.5 m, but pretty much a meter… so yeah… lol i made a dick of myself
my uni’s just a ‘cycledesign’ one made in taiwan… it has standard cranks & pedals, nothing special… umm a good rim… a really shitty seat… and an average frame… does that answer it :S?