Uni Tricks

I became proficient at simply riding on my 24in, and then I decided I wanted to buy a 20in Trials uni to get in to some tricks. I’ve been reading a few different threads that mention tricks, but to be honest I have no idea what the actual tricks are based on the names alone. Zeroplants for example? Can anyone break down some of the less obvious trick names (unispins and crank flips are pretty straight forward obviously, but some of the others possibly). Or, if someone could suggest some good starter tricks to learn with a trials uni. I can hop down curbs sideways, and I can also roll straight off, so what are some suggestions as to where to go from there? Thanks!

Zero plant first trick on this vid. :slight_smile:


Cool, that helps! Thanks! How about some other starter tricks. I’ve been able to ride without putting any weight on my seat, so I was thinking of trying a SIF (saddle in front, I assume?). All I know is that I want to learn to kick the seat in front of me while Im riding and let it drag on the ground. I figured that would be a good starter trick it seems. Any pointers?

Thats ok. :slight_smile:

I cant do that seat drag thing its very hard for me but does look cool. :wink: