uni trampoline stuff!

a vid me and fredrik made … ( its a little old)

Hahah, that Fredrik always has some nice footage :smiley:
Realy nice how you guys do tricks on it.
I had trouble just to jump with a uni on a trampoline (ask Dustin, think he will remember it :wink: )
Good work

Peter M

that is really awesome. It is way harder than it looks, I tried and can’t even jump. Is there a proper technique i should learn? haha

I’m quite up for doing big seat-out tucks on a trampoline :slight_smile:


dang that was sweet. I tried it a while back and almost did a back flip while mounting. It didn’t feel so great. Sweet video

nice stuff but it looks bad for the trampoline.

That was cool…me and my friend were doing that today and my friend was nailing huge no footers and we both did a 180 unispins and he nailed a 360 unispin it was awesome! also huge tiregrabs…Its so fun!


I also tried this with my friend and my favorite part was jumping of the unicyle onto a picnic bench.