Uni Traitor

Since my pedal ripped out of my crank the other day, requiring a week-long wait for a new pair, I’ve been riding my bike around. I haven’t been on one in at least 8 months and I’ll tell you, it was great! What a difference from the uni to which I have become so very accustomed. I never was a biker, rode one around only for transportation seldomly, but all of a sudden it’s a lot of fun. I guess it’s just a kick to be able to travel so fast so efficiently.

It’s not like I’ve lost any love for unicycling, but I could see myself doing more biking now too. I wonder if many people have found a fondness for two-wheelers by starting with an obsession for one.

i have to ride my bike to school every day (too far to unicycle), and i’ve found that the rides become much more fun since i started unicycling - just being able to use a freewheel is so cool!

but still, i prefer unicycling cos i suck so much at bike trials - but i can do a load of stuff on my uni!

Same here, its fun to go fast, but bikes are hard to do stuff on.

I still bike for transportation. I use it in the Seattle winter when it’s dark and rainy and too risky to Coker in traffic. It’s great transportation and somewhat faster than the Coker but no where near as much fun. When I commute by Coker I ride curbs, hop and idle at intersections, interact with more people, and in general have a better time for a slightly longer and harder workout. Being as tall as a city bus is cool.

I’ll always be a biker first, unicycler second. I love my uni’s, but they’re not nearly as fun to tour on. My bike and panniers = ultimate freedom. You just can’t get that on a uni.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ridden a bike in … maybe 3 or 4 years.

I hadn’t ridden a bike for at least a year, and then one day, my friend invites me to go on a bike ride with her. because her normal biking buddy is gone, so I’m like her backup. it was a 12 mile ride, that I had done on my Coker before, and it was sooo easy!! on the downhills I didn’t even need to pedal, that was awesome…and uphill, every pedalstroke took me farther than it felt like it should. it was amazing!! it almost convinced me to start biking more myself, and I think I would have, if I had a bike of my own…

Bikes are good fun. You simply can’t go screaming downhill at 40mph on a unicycle. But then they can make some easy trails quite dull by being too easy. I consider myself a cyclist, not a biker who unicycles or a unicyclist who bikes.

The thing that always gets me is that people who know I unicycle are foten really amazed when they see me on a bike, as if being able to ride on one wheel means I would never bother with a bike. Odd.


yea biking can be lots of fun. ive been doing flatlant for like 3 years at least. i encourage everyone to try flatland.

I have the Venice bikepath right next to m house–50 miles along the ocean. I get on it at least once a week just to air it out and lay down some velocity!

Yee ha!


i like them both, muni and trials and stuff on the unis, probably because i lack a coker, and i love biking for the speed, distance, and freedom you can have. seager and made it from Astoria Oregon to Boston one summer a few years back. you just can’t carry that kinda gear on a uni. plus you’d never get the sweet sweet rest of coasting for 20 mins going down some huge moutain that took you 3 hours to climb.

I mountain biked for 5-6 years before i got a uni (Feb. 05), and now I have a muni.

I can’t say which one i prefer.
Muni’s safer because there is not much speed element, and the hopping ability makes it more diverse.
But i’m also still an avid mountain biker. Uniing has helped me with manipulating each bike wheel on super technical stuff, and biking seems more dynamic w/ 2 wheels, speed, and air (off jumps).
They basically complement each other in abilities and I couldn’t see myself stopping either one any time soon.
I think on a trail, biking is more dynamic, and you can cover more distance, getting more technical stuff in (my favorite).
Muni is more peaceful and quiet, but I feel at one w/ both my muni and bike.

Basically, I got into uni both because I have been wheelying my bike around the neighborhood for years, and my friend got one.

I don’t know why many unicyclers treat “biking” as a taboo, I mean, it’s just as fun, even if you do have 2 wheels gasp!

For me, Mountain Biking is for going out with my mates on our weekly group rides, and my Muni is for exercising with my dogs, and going through the woods for fun.

I really love cycling whether it is on my Mountain Bike, or my Muni.


…so what’s the view like when you mount the Coker? You must have to duck when you ride under the street lamps!

biking and unicycling are like yin and yang
u need both to survive or whatever
biking is awesome and so is unicycling
especially cuz one is slow and steady (unicycle)
and the other is fast paced and such (bike)

Yeah i hadnt riddin a bike since about august of last year… and then about 3 weeks agoi rode a really nice croos country trek bike… and boy howdy it was so fun… i thought i went fast on my uni, then i rode that bike at slow cruising speed and i was goin a little faster then a faster pace cruz on my uni… it took me like 20 mintues of riding until i relized that i didnt have to continually pedal. I could give 4-5 revs and cruise along for a couple hundred feet… its was really fun. but im still not gonna get a bike. unis are still better


well stated john, well stated

I had to get a triple seat post extension so the tiny, little Coker would fit my inseam. Oh, there you are…I can see you down there in Cali from up here. I’ve bumped my head on a few crosswalk signals. How are plans for the Cali MUni weekend coming along?

I think that the seat post for the coker is too short…it’s pretty much all the way out for me, and could still be longer to be comfortable.

Yesterday I rode a bike for the first time in months. It was OK, but a bit boring–actually, because the unicycle forced me to consider all kinds of cycle issues (like tires, crank sizes, seats, etc) that I always took for granted, I did appreciate more of the mechanical side of the bike. It was fun, but I still felt more at home on my revved-up Sun 28er.

One bike I definitely want to buy some day–the monster bike with the Coker wheels!!! That is a bike I want!

Anyone here ever ride a Coker-wheeled monster bike?