Uni Tours?

No upcoming uni tours show up on the Uni Tour website. Anyone know of any uni tours being planned?

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In terms of Big tours like the NUT, I haven’t heard of anything although there was a thread a while back (Nathan will hopefully chime in as I couldn’t find it) on where the next one should be. The vets were leaning toward some pretty exotic locales.

In terms of Less Big tours, in the absence of anything planned, maybe we should create one! The Seattle 36-ers have been bouncing around some ideas in our usual half-hearted way. One, which I’m interested in, would be a 2 or 3 day, semi-supported tour traversing the Iron Horse trail end-to-end. There’s more info at the link below, but it’s basically 110 miles of converted railroad grade that passes through a whole bunch of different climates and altitudes. The final (western-most) 24 miles of it are spectacular, starting with a 2.5 mile DARK railroad tunnel, then winding down the canyon through rich forest, over several high trestles, and ending at Rattlesnake Lake near North Bend.

Here’s info on the full trail: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/getaways/101499/iron14.html

We’ve ridden this last section several times. The link below goes to some shots of the trail in my gallery, and there is another one in there also from a ride a couple months earlier. That last section of trail is a fairly comfortable half-day ride, and we’ve been talking about doing it up and back down with some extra thrown in to make it a metric century. If y’all can make it down here for some weekend this summer, we could tour the Iron Horse one day, go ride some muni the other. http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albuw46

I believe the next uni tour is going to be in Switzerland.
Mountains, and climbing, and yodeling, oh my!

I’m going to organise a unitour through Asia (probably Laos or Vietnam) either Dec/Jan 2005 or else somewhere mid-2005.

Anyone interested?


Unicycling through Vietnam/Cambodia Photos

Any idea of the time of year that this tour is planned for, John?


No idea.
You could contact Andy Cotter to find out more. His email address is on the Unicycle Tours web page.

Ok, thanks!

The Alps Unicycle Tour starts next July 25, 2005 near Munich and ends in Grenoble. Registration isn’t open until 9/15/04 and then will probably only be for previous tour participants. If we don’t fill it with previous riders, it will then open for general registration. Each person who registers will have to pay a $500 deposit in advance, but before doing so will have to do a 2-day ride, 70+km each day, 400+m climbing, and report on it.

The tour will be very demanding, probably much harder than previous ones. It will last around 3 weeks and will include a HUGE amount of climbing, some at high altitude. It will include the famous Alpe d’Huez where each turn is named after a famous Tour de France rider.

Sorry no website, but that’s the gist of it so far.


sure local moderate riders like me will be unable to qualify
but at least we may be able to cheer along the road!
(and hope you will evangelize local aboriginal people;) !)

(mountain) bear

thread forwarded to the french unicycling forum…
boys (and girls) you’re not going to roll without a public to admire you!


I’m definitely interested! Sign me up!

Great Tony!

I’ll have to start up a mailing list for all potential interested riders. A whole different unicycling experience and it’ll be definitely a challenge!

At this stage it will be at least 18 months away still- I am waiting to see where I’ll be working next year and booking my holidays. Keep Dec/Jan 2005 in mind though.



p/s I don’t want to give away too much just yet- especially as the dates and destination are not even close to being finalised, but take a look at Jason’s Webpage- Jason was the Tour guide on my Cambodia trip- we’re hoping to do a unicycle-only unitour:
Grasshopper Adventures