Uni Touring in dreamland

This was a magical spot that I uni’d through last week on my New England Uni Tour. I hated to leave this awesome spot. Had to share the pic with ya. Cheers

Incredible photo, Mike! Are you sure that’s not a stage set?

where is that? reminds me a lot of western mass when i rode through there on a bike tour.

Thanks for thinking of us and sharing the pic, Mike

Nice photo.
Is that on the road up to Mt Ascutney?
Did you see any of the hang gliders flying there?


the ‘Mikes’ seem to have a monopoly here
Mikefule posts the best ride-writeups and AspenMike posts the best ride photos

keep it up gents
and thanx for sharing

Great photo! Looks likt it is taken straight out from a book of fairytales…

And mother said to Little Red Riding Hood, “Remember dear, don’t leave the asphalt on the way to grandmother’s condo!” :wink:

No problem, it is to magnificent not to share.

It was surreal, 45 minutes of pure fantasy.

I am hoping to have some guesses here, I would think that someone from New England knows were it is. It is closed in the winter and the top portion has no center stripes because it is so narrow. The locals honk as they go through the narrow parts. THe “Aspen” ski area of the east is close by. That is to many hints, so where is it?

No, it is not, but I did ride that steep mountain during my tour.

My guess is the top of Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont.

Bingo, now go ride through it. It should be on everyones “must ride” lists!

Sweet, I thought I recognized that as the giant boulder at the top of the notch. Last time I skiied at Stowe I was on the right side of the road (Big Spruce area)- like a trip back in time with old lift towers, minimal snowmaking, etc.

I have to say I’m an aspiring climber, for now just keeping my from together while going up a decent grade is all I can manage, but I’ll keep going. I love reading the stories from all the climbers on here- all very inspiring!


Excellent photo, Mike. I recognize that spot from my hiking on the Long Trail, which goes right through that area. This is beautiful spot, although there are many such spots on these New England trails and roads. Come back in the middle of the fall color!

the street dreamland, barcelona.