Uni Toolkit

What do you experienced riders think I should have on hand at all times (at least, available at home, if not actually on me) for repairing my unicycle?

Tire Levers
All necessary allens and hex wrenches (buy a set, be it english or metric(usually) from an auto shop for like $6, and if you have square taper cranks, a 14mm socket)
Crank puller
Spoke wrench
Duct tape

It depends what kind of riding you’re doing; if you get a flat, can you walk home?

On all my rides out, I have a Topeak Alien tool (allen wrenches, tire levers, sockets including 10mm for the main cap bearings, screwdrivers, and bottle opener), a patch kit, and a portable pump. If I’m on my Profile setup I’ll also have a long-handle funky Allen key to tighten those bolts. Generally for MUni and for group rides I’ll bring along a spoke wrench (saved my butt when I tacoed my wheel in Moab in 2003). A 5" vise grips can replace almost any other tool in a pinch, so that’s a good one to have.

At home, you’ll need grease, a crank puller, pedal wrench, 10mm and 14mm sockets, and probably a hacksaw as you collect more unicycles with inappropriately-sized seatposts.

Duct tape!

Coolest crank/pedal wrench for the road.

BTW: If you are needing to tighten your cranks or pedals a lot,you may not be torquing them tight enough.

…correction… for square-taper setups… but I will agree it is a nice combo for one tool!

Before torquing your cranks/pedals to death, take some precautions:

  • Pedal threads should be coated with grease / anti-sieze if you would like to remove the pedal at some point in the future
  • Crank bolts can be held in place with blue Loc-tite (the mild kind) instead of excessive torque. If you strip your axle, you'll have to re-build the wheel... not fun!

…not just for your uni, but also for ripped clothing, broken skin, missing shoelaces and when you’re really, really hungry!

if it’s to take with you, the answer depends on the target for the ride.

if you’re going a reasonable distance, then enough tools to fix most (or all) problems on the uni you’re taking. if someone’s coming with you on surplus wheels, get them to carry it!

As for tools at home, you’ll not need stuff like crank puller, spoke key if you’ve got someone you can borrow them from! The other option is to go overboard until you’ve more tools than unis (like me)

minimalist transport - minimal tools.

Unicycle Pump!!

In my “bum bag” I carry a few small wrenches including an adjustable. Also a set of allens, a broken down swiss army knife and a pen (for writing down email addresses of people who seem interested in unicycling).

I wish I could find a lightweight driver for a socket (14mm). Getting a loose crank is a bad thing on a long ride.

maestro8, great clarification, thanks.

Can’t stress the DUCT-TAPEenough. I’m especialy a fan of BROWN DUCT-TAPE.


and no i’m not being sarcastic.

Hey, get some duck tape.

Also, If you’re doing trials I’d bring a cheap pump. It’s kind of hard to get more air in your tire if you don’t have one, and it isn’t too great to pinch the tube when you jump, if I’m correct…

lol just get auni that wont break on u ?

After a LOT of googling I finally found where I can get ahold of one of these in North America. I just ordered one.

Here’s the item:

Cycle Therapy is a Canadian company.

Price was $14.95 CDN plus $18.00 shipping (to Vermont) for a total of $32.95 CDN. Looks like that translates to about $28 USD. Hopefully I won’t get slapped with some customs fees (which is what happened to me once before on a book that a friend shipped to me by UPS).


Stop wait! you can order from udc.uk for less than that I bet. Or I can look up where I ordered one from NY. (Yes, it was hard to find in the states, at the time I didn’t know that udc.uk had it.)

I’ll see if I can find where I order it from.

Edit: Found it! I orderd it from www.biKyle.com total $16.99 including $5 shipping.

Pfft, you guys are such noobies. you think you know about ductape.

Me, at around 6:30 in the morning, ready to go to shcool:

All it took was 3 rolls of ducttape, and one weekend. Thats also a really scrwed up pic, somethings up with my eye, one red, and ones like half closed, lol. a year later, those things are waayyyyy too small


Bummer. I already ordered it at $32.95 CDN.

However the biKyle.com web site isn’t doing very well in my browser this evening. None of the images loaded and everything I click gives me a 404 error.

Yeah, that site is flaky tonight, it seems an odd site to navigate even when it is working. Good luck with the wrench.