Uni too tall?

I got my new 24" today and the seat was soo high it was rediculous. So I cut about 3 inches off of the seat post and it still seams as if it is too high. Is this normal. How tall should the uni be? Its taller than my waist and Im 5"11.

id lower some more until it feels right for you

Im just kinda nervous that I will cut too much and then ill later learn that It was supposed to be that high. Are most of the 24" torker LX’ supposed to be cut upon assembly?

Pretty much all unis need to be cut.

Cut it an inch at a time until you find that perfect height, then cut another inch, just in case you need to adjust a little lower.

Was that a 24" Qu-ax standard? I got one of those…had to cut the seatpost too :smiley:


Ideal seat hieght is about riding style, leg length and personal preference. You cut too much you’ll have to buy a new post, but you’ll have a short one for short friends to try your uni.

No the uni I got is Torker LX. I finally got the length I think I like. I was getting some good tries in today. I even got a couple of mount runs. Good progress for only having it for 2 days.

how do you cut it off? (i.e., with what tool?) my unicycle is WAY too high and I’ll never be able to ride it at this rate.

Do you mean the seatpost won’t go down enough, or that the frame is so big that even with the seat all the way down it’s still too tall?

Cut the seatpost using either a pipecutter or a hacksaw and file. Leave it too long and be prepared to make several cuts, you can always take some more off but once you’ve cut it you can’t make it longer again.

what you using it for?

street trials normally lower than other styles distance high muni in between and so on… I have my seat cut so much you can only see like 3in about to be 2in of the post on my dx and I am 6’1. It is all preference.