Uni too high?

I bought a uni a month ago, but I’m not sure if it’s too high. I know that your legs should be almost extended when in the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position and mine are, but it feels too high when I get on it and when I fall sometimes I trip over the uni because my feet can’t touch the ground… Is this normal?

It’s probably okay. Your feet aren’t supposed to touch the ground, ever. :wink:

Thanks, but I do quite a few UPD’s! I’m still learning…but I guess what you’re saying…

As do we all:)

I found it to be a more efficient use of my time if I used a long railing. If I’m about to fall, just grab the rail. No need to spend time getting back on. When I could easily ride my 90 ft. railing I rode around the playground blacktop of the school I was practicing at, then around the block and such.

There’s no reason for your feet to reach the ground if the unicycle is upright. As long as there is at least a little bit of bend in your leg with the pedals at the bottom, the height should be fine. If you want to put your feet on the ground, tilt the unicycle to the front or rear. :slight_smile: