uni to xgames

sweet little spin on the 36er to the x-games today. trails were snowpacked, and very rideable. it’s been snowing since thursday, very warm storm, but with that, came lots of moisture. just under a meter of powder up high on the mountain:)
i watched the snowmobile freestyle, these guys are NUTS. also got to see some of the skiercross early rounds, pretty cool stuff. but, the most amazing and inspiring event, was the sitskicross comp, simply amazing.
here are a couple pics from the ride there, and from the x-games.

sites from the ride

:astonished: :astonished:

don’t let go :smiley:

oh, they do.

I love how that guy’s snowmobile is perfectly parallel with the slope behind it, and the rider is perpendicular to his machine!

That’s nutty stuff. There doesn’t seem to be much suspension travel in those snow machines so imprecise landings must be hard on both machine and rider!


Lots of huge air at the X-games!! The double back flip on the ski machine was insane. I really liked to double front flip some guy did on the slope-style ski event.
And of coarse Shawn White…

I like to get big air when kitesurfing but I’m happy to have the kite to float me back down to earth.:wink:

X-Games were fun.
Sit-skiers were amazing.
Great TR Mike!

You forgot one detail to be an OFFICIAL X-Games TR:

I watched every even on tv wishing I was there…

mmm, simon dumont was the best with the double front flip with the superman in between. Plus the front flip off the ledge at the start of big air was sweet. It was cool to see something other than spinning as much as you can with a grab.

Monster–haha Where’s RS(rockstar)?

Didn’t see the sit-skiers. Is that what disabled walkers use or is that something extra/else.

Simon Dumont…Nice! He did stretch it out.
The front flip does seem like the most difficult kind of aerial.

Yes. The sit ski is for disabled skiers.

I was following the exploits of an internet friend from another forum.
His website, check it out. He was living in a van for the event.

Andy was invited to participate and is sponsered by PM gear.
Amazing guy and great story.
He didn’t make it to the final run, he broke his femur on a qualify run and didn’t even know it. He finished the course with a broken leg…amazing.

I heard the Pearce was robbed by Shaun White…whatever. I was following our home-boy Stephen Fisher who won here at the Dew tour.

Dbbl flip by the snow machine was cool - but WAY over-hyped for what actually happened. IMO he could have at least tried it again.

Funny how every one held up the same ski at the end of their races, and then took a big ol swig of Monster!

That’s crazy! I looked at Andy’s ski photos and loved the deep powder pics. Talk about face shots.:slight_smile:
The price of his gear alone would keep me out of the sport.(and I don’t live in the Rockies) But I think non-disabled people would like doing this. I bet the wipeouts are worse than traditional skiing or snowboarding.

It was not a clear win for sure but it’s in the record books. I watched this event live on TV and my vote was for Pearce.

I saw that, but didn’t think about it until I read your thread.
Never drank it and still no desire.

It almost looks like the guy’s photoshopped in there cause of the way it seems to defy physics. lol

Anywhere to watch all of this? I missed it on tv.