Uni to Fixed Gear Bike?

Anyone played around with a fixed gear bike after learning to ride a unicycle? I’m curious how much of what we do on a uni could translate into easy tricks on a fixed gear.


I came into unicycling the other way around, started out doing fixed gear mountain biking until I learned about mountain unicycling and the rest is history. Not sure about tricks on a fixed gear bicycle, but I know that since I started riding unicycles that I can track stand so much easier and longer on the fixie. Though I haven’t tried it, I imagine doing some trials on the fixie would be much easier now. Unfortunately my rig isn’t really all that designed for trials as it’s a heavy steel 29er (Surly Karate Monkey).

I have a fixed-gear Artistic Bike (made for doing tricks). There’s tons of stuff that can be done on one of those, due to the more complex shape of the bike and additional positions and configurations in which it can be ridden. Also the fact that it has two wheels makes it a lot easier to ride while standing on the seat! :slight_smile:

I do ride fixed gear… but I use it to commute on really small distances… I can do wheelies… But the only reason I ride fixed gear it’s because it’s way faster than my unicycle, and I pedal like if I was on a unicycle… and it looks aweful so no one will steal it:p

I still must have have this one somewhere far away (in parts).
The size was a little nasty for some transitions, though a 20" gave me other benefits (because I’m totally used to 20").


Have a look at the performances of Patrick Sebastian and Yohann Trepanier, both are very nice, and contain “unicycling”.