uni tires

I’m a beginer, I can ride a little. I plan on riding flat and freestyle, I have a 20x2.25 kenda kontact tire now, it dont seem like it grips very well, Would switching to an animal street slick work better for me? or is there a better tire for street and freestyle , or even just a beginer tire? also what width is best?what psi, i’m about 260#?

for the psi it should list it on the side of the tire if it doesnt then you have a problem

your gonna want different wheelsets for street and freestyle. A nice fat trials tire and strong rim hub cranks for the street/flatland and a semi skinny tire and a decent rim and cranks for freestyle

Yeah, I would go with the maxis creepy crawler. That is a good tire for street and flat.

I have a 2008 or 2009 sun flat top, I changed the pedals to plastic ones and the tire to an animal asm 20x2.1. After I changed the tire I found it so much easier to ride, I did stuff I couldn’t do before (i’m still learning to ride) I free mounted, could turn, and did a lap in the gym. I do want to get a different uni after I learn to ride real good. I would love to find used parts I could use on my current uni, (rim,hub,crankarms, and a freestyle frame)

Yeah your definately gonna want a new uni if you get into street