Uni Through Belgium tour


Finaly the moment is come to announce the big event of Jonathan Slenders and myself (Peter Maessen).
We are going to do a 5 day tour of 400km right through Belgium.
We will start at Maastricht (NL) and will end in Koksijde (BE sea coast).
From there we will ride to France and back again to Koksijde to take a nice rest in the sun.

For more info about this event:

We will update this site before and during the tour with personal blogs and news.
Also there will be online tracking available during the tour.

If you like our tour and want to support us, don’t donate money to us.
Instead, onate money to the Cliniclowns, an organisation that brightens up children in hospitals.

Many thanks to:

Roland Wende from MDC.com for sponsoring our unicycles
Mobile Vikings for the online tracking

Hi all

i left today. You can follow me life on the website which peter mentioned above. Peter is not able to participate due to a knee injury so I will do the tour alone.

have a nice day!