UNI - The Unicycle Magazine launches Summer 2006!!!

At last, a dedicated worldwide unicycling magazine!

Uni – The Unicycle Magazine is a 68-page quarterly publication produced by and written by unicyclists. Covering events across the globe and all aspects of unicycling, composing an authoritative information source for the international community.

The Summer 2006 issue of Uni will be making its debut at NAUCC and UNICON.

The first issue includes Kris Holm interviewing Dan Heaton, saddles group test, Roger Davies and Kris Holm riding in Taiwan and an Exclusive interview with the father of rough terrain unicycling, George Peck. John Long talks about his experiences in The Elevator Shaft, while Julien Monney discusses UNICONs and Jonathan Marshall (‘Rocket’) discusses balls. An’So Rodet gives an insight to the French Fédération Monocycliste, Brian MacKenzie falls off and a tutorial on fitting a brake to your unicycle.

Autumn 2006 is published in October, and will include Dan Heaton interviewing Kris Holm, a review of the new Schwinn unicycle and an Exclusive interview with Florian Schlumpf. Steve Colligan has ridden down a Volcano in Peru for us and we will also have an in-depth sneak preview of the much-anticipated KH/Schlumpf geared hub!

You can subscribe or buy single copies NOW at www.unicyclemagazine.com, and shortly at www.unicycle.com.

When you subscribe, you will get a FREE 2007 calendar and a FREE unique ‘UNI’ BUFF; which will come with the Autumn issue.

Mike Penton
Uni – The Unicycle Magazine

Sounds like a great (and long overdue) publication!

The price seems somewhat steep, though, at $10/issue.

On the other hand, I do realize that 68 pages is a good amount of content and since it is a specialized magazine with a limited audience (compared to many other less expensive magazines)… perhaps the price isn’t too bad.

I subscribe to a helicopter magazine that is printed on high quality glossy magazine paper that has incredible photography and great articles which is $50/year for 8 issues (about 65 pages per issue). There probably aren’t too many more copter pilots than unicyclists… but flying a helicopter is a career for many of this magazines subscribers, while unicyclling isn’t a career for too many people… and that may be a meaningful distinction.

Anyway, congratulations on getting the magazine going… I think it is a great thing for our sport (hopefully it will help generate a lot more exposure) and I wish you the best of luck! I will probably subscribe and give it a shot.

Not to be a stickler… but doesn’t quarterly mean 4 times a year?

I was considering starting a magazine a while ago, and was looking at printing costs. Knowing what it costs to print something in relatively low volume, I would guess that they’re lucky to break even @ $10.

I’ll be subscribing momentarily. I would love to see you succeed. The only way for that to happen is for all of us to get subscriptions. I would emplore those of you who have talked about, thought about, or wished that there was a magazine for the Uniclist to get a subscription. Ask for it for a gift for your birthday, or Christmas or any other reason you can think of. This is not only a magazine about unicycling, but a piece of unicycling history and you can have a part in that. Go now! DO IT!

Done. You can bring my first issue to NAUCC to save on postage.:smiley:

I just subscribed. I agree that we all need to do our best to support such endeavors. Unless you’re too financially strapped (and I know that some of us are, because I’ve been there!), it would be nice to forego a few trips to Starbucks each month in lieu of this.

Good luck, Mike!

As would I! And that list of interviewees looks tantalizing…mmmm…

I too am puzzled about the number of issues included with the subscription. Six or four? Can we get clarification on this? Possibly 2 issues in 2006 and quarterly in 2007? :thinking:

haha Dans on the front cover! his heads gona be bigger than ever! is there gona be much street focus in the mag?

Is this availible to Canada??

The subscription is for 6 issues and a Buff. I am guessing that you are correct on the time frame. Just a guess, but the are likely looking for a larger upfront commitment to fund start up expenses and have enough revenue to keep it comming. So a nich magazine seems like it would be tough to sell. But I will buy just about anything.

30 quid for a 6 issue postal sub seems good to me , its on a par with a good MTB mag like Singletrack.

I’m going to subscribe now. I can’t wait till I get my first (and subsequent) issues. I am happy to pay £5 a copy, I pay £5.99 for my PDA mag so I’m happy with that.


I just subbscribed. Buffs are awesome! I got one yesterday at REI, and it is soo cool.

This looks great, I just subscribed.
About when will the first issue be sent out, like the beginning of august after UNICON?


I just bought my first issue, looks great.


I plan on buying a copy, and will probably subscribe, except I am going to have to live on £80 until October, and I need a Reading ticket… :frowning:

just wondering who is writing this how long have they been riding and where do you get the info because im thinking of subscribing but thats a lot of money for a jobless kid and btw thanks for making a uni magazine i’ve been wanting one for a while

can we subscribe at any time and still get the free stuff?(im one of those financially strapped folk) also ummmmmm… never mind i forgot what i was gonna say, so what about the subscribing question.

Has anyone received/read the first issue yet to give us a short impression?

I’m planing to subscribe, but since so little is known about the authors (at least to me) it would be nice to get some more info beforehand.