Uni - The Unicycle Magazine issue 6 and Survey Winners

Issue six is in the mail!
It includes a big report from Unicon XIV - the Unicycle World Championships and we interview three World Champions: Adrien Delecriox, the first (and so far only) man to land a forward somersault in a street competition; Seisuki Kobayashi, MUni and Racing Champion and Emiko Kimura, coach of the consistently-high performing Toyoda group.

Also covered is learning to ride (and teaching the very young), an interview with Ryan Atkins (saying why he wasn’t at Unicon) and Kris Holm takes us through braking. Of course we include Mike Tierney’s truly epic ride up Haeakala in Hawaii - 10,000 feet climb over 36 miles - in just six hours!!

And the winners are…
$500 of Unicycle.com vouchers
John Schriner, United States
Marco Vitale, Italy
Michael Christensen, Denmark
Philipp Henestrosa, Switzerland

Uni -The Unicycle Magazine Subscription
Charlie Brennick, United States
Denise Evans, United Kingdom
Emrys Stockwin, United Kingdom
Harry Hayes, Australia
Jason Escobedo Fox, Canada
Ken Looi, New Zealand
Liz Jones, United Kingdom
Manfred Bader, Austria
Michael Padial, New Zealand
Seth Frederickson, United States

Limited Edition Uni Magazine Buff
Clark Hnatiuk, Canada
David Panther, England
Jeff Groves, Canada
John Payne, United States
Ken Wolfe, United States
Nicola Cassanelli, Italy
Nikki Coleman, Australia
Olof Delight, United States
Stephen Ebaugh, United States
Steve Plumridge, Canada
Thauvin Ludovic, France
Tim Johns, New Zealand

They’re all in the mail already!

Thank you Mike for the great magazine! Can’t wait to receive issue 6.

Glad to renew my subscription at your site!

wow does this mean ive won a subscription for 6 issues ? My names Michael Padial and im from New Zealand :smiley: Such a nice surprise i really didnt expect this i just clicked the thread to find out what it was about

Yep, it’s in the post! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike, you’re awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine arrived yesterday and i love it !!

hi mine hasn’t arrived yet ,i’m one of the winners.denise evans u.k

forget the last post ,i’ve just found my mag in my son’s bedroom.looking at it now,some great pics

I ordered a subscription and used Paypal to pay for it. I haven’t gotten any kind of confirmation, except from Paypal. Should I?

Also, when can I expect to start receiving magazines?

That is correct, there’s only one confirmation email.

Depending on where you are in the world, you should allow up to three weeks for delivery, assuming you started your subscription with a current issue.