Uni the dog died

I just wanted to let friends of Uni the dog know that she met an untimely end Tuesday night. Uni was an enthusiastic participant at many Muni events and was loved by many. She was at the Idaho Muni weekend in 2001 and at Moab Munifest from 2002 through 2007 except 2006 when we were unable to attend. Her official position at Munifest was Campground ambassador and greeter. She was also at California Muni Weekend in 2003 and she had a great time fetching sticks out of Folsom Lake.

She was most likely poisoned on the ranch next to where we live when she got away from us Sunday evening. We suspect the rancher is committing the heinous and illegal practice of poisoning coyotes. Putting poison out indiscriminately is wrong for so many reasons which I will refrain from going into. I can only hope that karma does exist even though I have never seen any evidence of it. But he will be hearing from the Colorado Division of Wildlife and hopefully they will put a stop to this.

Uni was a sweet wonderful dog and I am grateful for the six years I had her company even though I had hoped for many more. I will never forget her.

Here’s a picture taken by John Foss at Munifest in 2003. If anybody has any pictures of her I would appreciate it if you could send them to me. PM me and I will give you my email address.

With sadness, Dan )—(X)


Im so sorry.

Things come and go. Sorry to hear that, sounds like he was a great dog.


I’m really, really sorry to hear this news. You really did lose a member of your family, and no one can know how that feels unless you’ve been through it. I really enjoyed the rides I did with her.


I’m really sorry to hear that, she looks gorgeous on that photo. I remember losing my dog that I’d grown up with since I was one, it’s hard to get used to it :frowning:

That’s too bad, sorry to hear that.

That’s a horrible way for a dog to die.

Dan, that is such sad news. I think Uni was my welcoming committee when I arrived at my first muni fest, which was Moab back in 2002. She then introduced me to you, the Stoltzfuses, and the other dogs at the party. It was a good first experience and introduction to a broader group of riders.

She was a great dog, and will be missed by many. There is a special shelf in Hell reserved for ranchers that poison, and doubtless this one will end up there eventually. If that was the cause, I hope the Wildlife folks are able to do something to prevent future deaths from that ranch.

I’ll look through my photos from those events and see if I can find any with Uni.

Take care,


Even though I didn’t know Uni, and she didn’t know about me, I’m very sorry to hear that. May she rest in peace.

I’m so sorry to hear about Uni. Nancy and I were just talking about her on Sunday when we were considering what kind of dog to get; Uni was the perfect trail dog. She will be missed.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Thanks for the kind words. It was pretty devistating having such a great dog die in such an awful way.

It means a lot to me comming from such fine people as you.

I only get to see most of you once a year but it is always a pleasure and the highlight of my year.

man i dont knoow aht i would do if i ever lost one of my dogs that way. im sorry for your loss. i hope you can get over it ( not in a sarcastic way). looks like she was an amazing dog. sorry. may she rest in peace.

Here’s another picture of her after a dip in the SanMiguel River.

I tried to resize it but I didn’t want to permanently resize it so I ended up putting here as an attachment.

Uni+river.doc (115 KB)

Here it is resized

Uniing with the dog is great, especially on solo rides.

I have friends and inlaws that have lost dogs to rural neighbors. Just isn’t right.

So sorry on the loss of your companion. I cried when we had to put the Golden down at 15. I need to get my current companion out more, she’s 7 now, three years older now than in this pic.

Sorry for your loss.

Hi Dan,
My family and I remember driving up to MMF years back and seeing all the dogs running around, that was cool, especially UNI. Porcupine Rim ride with UNI was awesome, couldnt believe that he would go all that way, and finish strong. You could tell that he was in his element, hanging with his uni buddies. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, get out and ride UNI’s favorite trail in this wonderful Colorado Fall weather. Peace.

it sounds like it was a wonderful dog, in all respects. i am sorry to hear about your loss,i hope along with you that the rancher gets what is good for him!

R.i.p. :frowning: Dogs Rules !!!

Dan, I’m very sorry to hear about Uni. I certainly remember her well from those times in Moab. Is this her? http://nhoover.smugmug.com/gallery/1091915#50769729

When I get home I’ll look and see if I have any other photos.