uni t shirts

Paul Makepeace writes:

>I’m also thinking of a T with ‘No, I’m not missing a fucking wheel’

There are days when a shirt like that would fit my mood to a T (pun intended)

My prize possession, second only to my unicycle itself, is a T shirt from The
Unicycle Factory, featuring a nice graphic of “Guilford Goforit”, a maniacal
barefooted youth tearing along on a unicycle with a fat whitewall tire and a
gearshift. One hand rests on the gearshift knob, pinky extended. His eyes are
bulging, his forehead is low and he has buckteeth. His tongue hangs out and
trails backward in the breeze and he is salivating profusely. The caption says:

         "The Unicycle Factory--Where Dreams become Rideable"

 Unfortunately, this T shirt is almost sold out and there are currently no
 plans to make more. The silkscreen has been destroyed.

 Thanks to John Foss and others, we have a good supply of material to work
 with. I would like to collaborate on a T shirt project if enough interest
 is expressed from people on this list.

 For example, how about a graphic of some macho guy riding a unicycle with
 the caption "Real Men Don't NEED Two Wheels!"

 Or a labeled diagram of a unicycle with the caption "There is NO SUCH THING
 as a 'One Wheeled Bicycle'"

Or “It’s not a Bike, It’s a Yike!”


No, I didn't lose a wheel.

   I FOUND a wheel.

 We need a really good idea (better than my poor attempts) and enough people
 interested in purchasing one. Also some artist type to create the graphic.
 If done as a non-profit project, the price would be incredibly low per
 shirt. Any profit could go to the IUF treasury for UNICON expenses or the
 like. There are plenty of custom T shirt shops that will take a graphic and
 produce the actual product. We could start with an order of 50, that would
 outfit everyone on this list with at least one. Wear it to your next
 unicycling gathering and create more demand.

Dennis Kathrens