Uni T-shirt logo / tattoo / ideo

Here a logo I drew in Inkscape.
Comments welcome.
Anyone free to copy use.

The second monocolor (or unicolor) one’s idea is to be like the chinese tattoos, but I’m not quite happy with it.
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uni vector.jpg

uni tattoo small.bmp (1.7 MB)

I like it but I think it needs to be taller. More separation between legs and arms.

Red is nice, what about KH blue?

pax (no tattoos)

First one is all right. If I didn’t already know it was a unicyclist I wouldn’t have suspected it to be. And before I started riding, if I was told it was a unicyclist I prob would have said “I don’t see it”.

All I see is black on the second pic.

I think it’s pretty cool. I like the fact that it doesn’t stand out as a unicyclist. The idea of a unicycle related tattoo has crossed my mind from time to time, something subtle like this would be doable. Probably won’t do it, but I like it.