uni stuff


i am new to this so i am a little :thinking: . if ther is any thing wrong, please feel free to tell me.

i was just thinking… :astonished: i got a girraffe for christmas, and a small uni 3 years ago, and i am pretty good with both, but… i have two q’s

  1. how do i freemount the giraffe???
  2. does anyone know how to walk the wheel.

if you know the answer to my questions, please answer them.[/FONT]

Here is a good page for learning tricks as Walking the Weel


Here is a page on freemounting a giraffe


Or this


  1. Stand with weak foot on pedal, good foot to bottome pedal, thrust up and land on seat and pedals

  2. Try not to look down at wheel, you’ll fall forward (you’ll tend to, anyways), lean back further than you feel comfortable at first. See how many times you can kick the wheel before you fall over. Gradually you will kick more in control, and more times, then you will slow them down to nice controlled wheel walks


thanks 4 that