Uni stories

Hi everbody! I have a couple of stories I thought I might share:

  • I recently added a cut-up kid’s gel seat to my Miyata air seat, and while it’s
    normally quite comfy, I’ve discovered it is a tad bit on the hard side when
    frozen. :slight_smile:

  • A couple of days ago we got betwee 2 and 4 inches of snow, but I rode my uni
    to school anyway. That day at lunch I ran into a teacher I’d had last year,
    and he asked me, “Is that your unicycle I see locked up outside?” I told him
    that it was, and he said, “You might want to take that home. It’s been out
    there for a long time.” I just looked at him for a minute, then I explained
    that I ride it EVERY DAY. Ooh…

  • Last night I was practicing some tricks in the gym we use, which is often
    populated by basketball players. One of them picked up a uni and came over to
    me and asked, “How do you use this thing?” I told him that to get on, he
    should set his pedals like so, and grab a wall. He said, “But you guys get on
    out there in the open!” I tried not to laugh too hard as I explained that
    getting to that stage took a little practice.

Ta ta!

~Tanya http://MarshT.tripod.com

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