Uni storage in Bern

Is there anyone in the Bern area who would let me store my MUni, and a couple other bags, from July 14th to the 21st or 22nd? My family and I are coming out there early to do some backpacking in the Alps before I go to UNICON, and we need some place to keep my MUni and a couple bags while we are doing that.

Either reply here or send an email to benps.com (at) gmail.com. Thanks a bunch for any help.

As long as I’m asking for favors, I guess I’ll throw this out there as well. Is there anybody who might lend me a 20" trials uni to use during the UNICON trials comp? It’s looking like I’m only going to have space to bring my MUni.


you’re better off posting requests like that on http://www.unicon13.ch/forum/

I think, apart from me there are only about 2 or 3 swiss people reading/posting here on RSU.