Uni stolen

Hey guys,

last Saturday some stupid people picked my bike lock and took my uni.
It’s a black 20’’ Impact Start Up with white rim and a black/white Nimbus gel saddle.

There are two distinctive holes on either side of the seat post, where a screw can fit in. That’s why the paint on the back is scratched.

If someone sees a black and white Trial like that - maybe on ebay or alike platforms - please contact. It’s not even 6 months old. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thanks, Anna

I feel your pain (had 3 stolen over the years). But help us out a little. At least let us know what country you’re in?

Sorry for your loss. Also I’m surprised to see that anyone has had their uni stolen, let alone 3! I always thought that just the fact that it’s a uni offered some additional level of protection. Sad world we live in.

Looks like she’s in Germany.
The unicycle link goes to the Germany UDC, and she also posted to the German uni forum. That narrows it down. :roll_eyes: How about a city/town/neighborhood?

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on craigslist or other classified ads in your area.

The unicycle was stolen in Vienna, Austria. Poor little impact… :frowning:

The criteria for something to be stolen is usually that it isn’t nailed down. Rare to have a locked unicycle stolen; in fact I’m not sure if I’ve heard of that before. Then again there aren’t that many locked unicycles around…

As for my own stolen unicycles, the first one was in my car. The whole car was stolen, never to be seen again (1983). The other two were in my car, parked in my driveway. Someone broke in and took them; not sure if they were after unicycles, but that’s all they took. I got those two back (documented in these forums, in early 2000).

Wait. 4. My specially-built Track unicycle was stolen from the grandstand at Unicon X in China. I met the thief. I thought she was helping bring unicycles down from the stands at the end of the day, and thanked her for bringing my other one. Later I figured out that wasn’t what she was doing…

Sorry for your loss anna22 I hope you are able to find it, good luck.

OMG John that is horrible, how bold and awful of the person.

Yes, she had a very odd look on her face when I stopped her as she was coming down the rows, collected my other (less valuable) unicycle from he and said thanks (a sizeable percentage of my Mandarin vocabulary). I assumed she was helping out, but apparently she was helping herself! :astonished:

sorry. yes, I’m from Vienna, Austria

Somebody waltzed off with it.
(sorry - couldn’t resist that. People will steal anything, even if they have no use for it themselves. Hope you can track it down)