uni stolen 10/31/09

hi i would like help from all of you fellow unicyclist to find my unicycle. it was stolen in northbend from my car. this is what it looks like

and sorry it is so big it is not that good ether. so if you see it online for sale it would be nice if you post it here. thanks

Damn… I hate people. Especially criminals.

Sorry for your loss. I hope it turns up.

I’m not sure if craigslist has an alert feature, but I use google Alerts to keep me informed of any unicycles for sale on craigslist.

For the search term i use:
site:rochester.craigslist.org unicycle
(since I’m in the Rochester, New York area)

So whenever the term unicycle shows up in a local craigslist ad, I get notified by email within about 1 day.
I only get notified about once every 3 weeks because there isn’t a lot of unicycle selling in my area.
Widening the search to all of craigslist.org works too but I haven’t used an alert on that.

Maybe this could help find your unicycle?

thanks, ya i was wondering if there was something like that. thanks for the info

I hate that so much. Same thing happened to me about a year ago. They took it from my car but left an ipod, cd’s, sub/amp, bass guitar… It was terrible… I mean who steals a unicycle in the first place? and than who leaves all the other stuff?

Maybe I should start locking my car more often…
Sorry to hear it man. I’ll be sure to notify you if I see it.

It happens here(Long Island) a lot too.

Who steals a unicycle? Seriously, the odds of one unicyclist running into another is rare enough. Let alone one of them being enough of a scumbag to steal a unicycle. Between you guys and the ones I’ve met IRL, they’re pretty nice people.

Ahh damn that sucks!
I know what it feels like, mine (with the same setup as yours, nearly) was stolen and it was a big loss :stuck_out_tongue:

Try claim it under house and contents insurance, that’s what I did! Got it all paid back except about $80 New Zealand.

thanks everyone. ya who would steal a unicycle, the funny thing is that they took a 6 pack of v8 too but left the radio, they also took stuff from the first aid box that in the car.

you’d think that most people in North Bend already have unicycles… whoever it was is a jerk… I’ll keep an eye out for it, if it somehow makes it 4 hours south you’ll know asap.

Chances are, it wasn’t a unicyclist. It was probably someone just stealing for the thrill of it without realizing how valuable that unicycle is. This is why I’m afraid to lock up my unicycle around my campus. This isn’t because I think there is a high unicycle-specific theft rate. I’m just a firm believer that if it sticks out, someone is going to mess with it.

Good luck!

Obviously not confident they could ride the unicycle then!

Sorry to hear it was stolen. Household insurance will probably cover it, although there will be an excess/deductible.

thanks i hope that it will not be that far from where it was taken. i have alerts on google and i got this today .http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?p=933339

So sorry, Dude! :angry: Your Dad told me about it at PPUT practice this afternoon. I forwarded the info on to Mr. Tepper.

It’s gotta be someone who doesn’t know what the hell they are doing on a uni, there just aren’t that many in the world (let alone Snoqualmie/North Bend) who can ride a trials well enough to know the value. Whoever did it would stick out like a sore thumb, even around here.

BTW: I sent this information on to the local uni group as well just in case they see something: Unicyclers@iunicycle.com

thanks ya my dad told my that he went in today. thanks for tell the other group, i put up signs of it in alot of different stores in north bend area and some at my school.

I hope the orange rim is going to save you here. Keep your eye on ebay and craigslist, 'cause something like that would be easy to pic out in any pictures/descriptions. Both of my unis are built up from parts and beat to hell, so they’d be hard to mix up with any old trials uni or muni.

My friend in Philadelphia used to leave his Coker leaning on the outside of stores when he went in. He said if someone tried to mess with it, he could easily run them down if they were carrying an enormous unicycle. And if the person could ride away on it, then he deserved it. I guess that’s true if you can keep on eye on it, but getting jacked from your car, that’s some bs.

I’m glad i chose unicycling as my main wheeled sport. Damn, what a bunch of morons.

i don’t know if anyone has said this, or if you have found it, but i would reccomend calling a radio station, not only will they jump on your story but people will listen and remember it, i lost mine a while ago, after the radio played a rather embaressing phone call of them talking to my mum, a women said she had seen one and i got it back :slight_smile: