Uni stand

Hello. I recently recieved a 20" Torker LX from Unicycle.com.
I’m learning rather slowly, but it’s great fun, and I’m totally satisfied with the unicycle. The problem is, I can’t figure out how to use the uni stand that came with it for the life of me. If someone could direct me to a picture of a uni in a stand, that’d be great.

theres been at least one thread about this and ill say what i said before- u really dont need it in my opinion. just ride and dont even use the stand.

I think it supposed be used like this:

::Have the cranks placed vertically
::Slide the fork of the frame (from the side that has the higher pedal) behind the little “hook” on the stand
::Rest the bearing housing on the platform beneath the small hook

I don’t use the stand as it requires too much effort and provides little more than a solid foundation upon which to rest my unicycle. I just lean my unicycle against the floor lamp next to the stand in my room :stuck_out_tongue:

just piss on it

Here are some pics of my learner uni in its stand (My onza doesnt fit). Hope they help.

img_4772 (600x400).jpg


img_4773 (600x450).jpg


img_4774 (600x450).jpg

Thanks much. I get it now.