Uni spotting!

I just saw 3 awsome unicyclists on the Jimmy Kimmel show…


And one of them had pretty nice hair.

Alright so maybe a better explanation is a good idea.
Joe Campbell, Cody and I were on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight riding during Jamie Cullum’s performance of his song Wheels.
We did some tricks but they used the footage of us riding/hopping around instead. It was really awesome though, we got to meet the band, Gerard Butler and Jimmy Kimmel. It was a great experience.

Red hot riding from 2:02 to 3:07…


thanks for the video justtysen

great job spencer, joe, and cody - you guys totally invaded, great entrance. i saw a … 360 unispin?

I have that part downloaded, we are on the show one more time briefly when he introduces what’s coming up. I’m having issues downloading that part but when I figure it out I’ll stick both parts together and put it on youtube or something. You can watch the full episode on the abc website (except if you’re out of the country, then I don’t think hulu will work either). The other part we’re in is about 14 minutes in I think, just after the first commercial break.

excellent job, guys! that’s big!

Good stuff! Jamie’s giving one wheelers a nice boost with this song. Watch for exciting, new “Wheels” video due out next month.

The video is only availible in the US.

Thats awesome guys. Way to go.

Its good we are getting out there. Making it known we are going to take over :smiley:

Looked like a fun day!

Best we go to the US then.

Nice guys.

There’s a guy other than me or David.P riding downtown Lowell Ma… who are you?

here is the music video. anyone from this site in the vid?


I saw a few guys that I know. Looks like the TCUC?

TCUC’s show group.

Wow, very cool! I heard about that taping, but hadn’t seen the final product. It looks nice! Lots of top riders in there. It was interesting that many of the rider close-ups were of the older riders, like Tim Lee and Connie Cotter. Gilby’s in there too. I hope TCUC got a nice chunk of change for their appearance in that vid! :slight_smile:

the video is on youtube, available to everyone…