Uni Spotting: in Barcelona Spain

So I was doing the typical tourist thing this last week and while in Barcelona on the way to the olympic park what do I happen to see but someone (one of you guys perhaps) doing a 360 off of a small platform among a group of skateboarders.

If you are out there mistery rider I really wanted to say hola but was unable to do so.

You can contact the mistery rider at the spanish forums:

Next time you or any other rider visit Spain please make a post there ( you can post in english ), there are some riders around here.

Louise (my girlfriend) is in Barcelon right now. I mailed her muni to her. I’ll be in Barcelona on Nov 25th - Dec 3rd…and i’m bringing my trials uni :slight_smile:

I am in Madrid now

I will post to Monociclo also, but I am studying in Madrid (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid) through next June. I tried to find Carampa (the circus arts school) yesterday for their open house, but I couldn’t. As I am currently without a unicycle, I would love to meet some unicyclists and practice spanish/english and unicycle.