Uni-Spotting: Crosstraining Austrian Skier On Trans-World Sport

We have a limited satelite TV service available in our studios (we serve two different divisions of the retail chain and provide them with two radio stations).
We use this to give score updates on sporting events so people know they can come into the store and not lose track of a sporting event they may have been following.

A moment ago I get a fevered phonecall from my colleague in the other studio who knew I was watching the India / Pakistan test.
“Quick, switch it over to the other channel!” he barks down the phone at me.
I do. Just in time to see a UPD on what looks like an indoor athletics track.
I saw the individual riding for the briefest of moments. I couldn’t actually see the wheel, but from his knee action I could tell that his seat was too low.
Apparantly he said something about his knee and showed some operatin scarring on his knee shortly before they showed the unicycling clip, making us wonder if this was supposed to be a recuperatory, strengthening work-out?
Or the way he hurt his knee?

It was an insert of the Trans World Sport variety show and was part of an ongoing ‘The Road to the Winter Olympics’ series.

Anybody else seen this or anything similar?