Uni spins.

my camera broke a month ago, and i cant get another for about another 2 months. so i cant sho you my problem on unispins.

i can 180 unispin almost all the time, but i can only do it stationary.

i try to do them rolling, but i always seem to miss the pedals, and i cant even spinning it without preparing myself with two hops foward, and its extremely frustrating.

any suggestions?

  1. search

  2. snap your feet all the way in at first, don’t just aim for the pedals, just go for the cranks until you get comfortable.

To learn rolling unispins, start out by rolling, stopping, doing a unispin, riding away: all without prehops.

After you get those solid, start putting some distance into them by not stopping before doing the unispin. Takes a bit of practice, but it’s pretty easy, actually. Just keep at it.

i normally do snap my feet all the way in, but i was focusing too much on the pedals… thanx, i try that next time. BUT i do find it challenging to get for another reason, im trying to learn it with my hand on the seat normally, rather than on an angle, because maybe that will help me out later on with my 360s. and as long as im trying that, its incredibly hard to get my feet out cuz my brain is focused on my hands… so im gunna stop that and try what you said.