Uni spins

I’m trying to learn how to 180 uni spin. I can hop with the seat out in front, jump up, spin the uni. But I can never land with my feet on the pedals. Any advice?

land on thre cranks not th pedals, just throw out your feet, spin, throw your feet back in, dont aim for the pedals just aim for the uni

I’m still learning (my unispins are crazy sketchy!)


I found it really useful to practice 180 jump mounts:
Jumping up and spinning the unicycle 180 degrees before landing on it.


When seat out, jump and spin the unicycle 180 degrees. Good practice on getting your spins fast.

I struggled because I wasn’t spinning the unicycle fast enough. Be sure to spin it from the top instead of the sides.


To get faster spin, spin the unicycle from the centre of the seat!

Hope this helps. It probably helped me writing it!

im having the same problem as you are

When you juggle you don’t have to think about catching the balls.
You just have to remember where your hand need to be to for the ball to land in it!

I think it’s the same with unispins.

Remember what position your feet need to be in
Keep yourself over your unicycle
Do a full, complete spin.

Am I wrong? Like I said, I’m still learning them :p. Keeping these things in mind’s helped me land more.


ur scared, get drunk and try

just pratice and aim for the cranks not the peddles

throw legs out
throw legs in(aim for the frame so you will land on cranks)

thast basicly it

:smiley: have fun

661s are essential for learning guys. the main reason you can’t land is cause your brain is thinking, ok if I miss, this is gonna hurt, so subconsciencly you are trying to stop yourself getting hurt. Once you apply 661s that fear is illiminated and then practise comes into play. Just go for it, jump, spin, land, simple as that.


Agreed completely!

I’ve had some amazing pedal bites from trying unispins!

I’ve actuly got a whole in the front of my right 661 from when i landed on one pedal and the other went SMACK into my leg. It was awsome! Didn’t feel a thing.


Increasing your hangtime will help you complete your spin and get your feet back in place. Keep the uni on the ground when you jump, and try jumping a little higher each time until you land the trick. You don’t have to kick your feet out very far… just get up there, spin the uni, then get your feet back together. As others have said, you’ve got a lot to land on when you consider both the pedals and the cranks.

Most of all, just relax, and practice the move a lot. Your muscles will have to learn the trick (to get your feet in the right place at the right time) as well as your brain, and generally your muscles take longer to learn.

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