Uni-spins or somesuch gubbins

What’s that thing where you jump off the unicycle, spin it 180 degrees and land on it again? Whatever it is… I did it! Hurrah!

Well, once, anyway. I landed somewhat skewiff but managed to stay on long enough to decide that the seat is really uncomfortable backwards. Unfortunately the next time I landed really badly, slipped off the right pedal and whacked my left leg… I think that must have built up a psychological barrier against me doing it again, because I’ve not managed it since. Bah.

I was looking for something I could call a “trick” for when I go back to York on Sunday. I’ve got one day left for the spin thing… oh for some leg armour! Soon… soon…

The good thing being that in the process of all this I can now do side mounts from both directions, jump mounts, suicide mounts and a jump mount where you jump straight into seat-in-front, as well as riding seat out as well.

Incidentally I found riding seat out is much easier if you hold the seat with just one hand. Pretty much everything I’ve done seat out (pedal grabs) has been with both hands, but I was going nowhere (literally) with riding like that, until I took a hand off. Before it seemed like a silly idea because I couldn’t stop the seat wobbling enough with just one hand, but the difference was staggering… I went from being able to do about half a revolution to going up and down the drive twice, first time. Yeah!

Phil, just me


It’s very aptly named the Uni spin.


you might try some old football (soccer) shin-gaurds for some leg protection, but the problem might be with the pedal hitting the back of your leg so that might not help. . . Cheers anyhow

If you can do a uni-spin, another really fun one is doing at still stand with the seat out in front and then hopping up onto the top of the wheel and hopping on the spot on top of the unicycle. I can do this one but I can’t do a uni-spin so you’ll probably find it pretty easy.

That one you mentioned where you do a jump mount into the seat out in front position is a good one for mounting in tight spots where there isn’t enough room to pedal backwards or forwards at all.

Have fun,
Andrew Carter

Buy a trials uni, Phil. Come on. Everyone will think you are cool.

Yes, I’m going to, let me find out my new postcode first.

Campus looks absolutely fantastic to ride on… you know the sense that tingles whenever you see something which would be cool to ride on? I’ve nearly electrocuted myself on many occasions.

If I get time tomorrow, I’m there. Ooooohhhh, yes…

Phil, just me